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Get to know our South Surrey, White Rock acupuncture team! We have a team of skilled acupuncturists at South Surrey Chiropractic and Wellness offering extensive experience in traditional Chinese¬†medicine and acupuncture. Our practitioner’s are experts in helping you achieve long-lasting relief, functional improvement and increase your overall wellness. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

alison lumley


Alison Lumley became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine after seeing how greatly acupuncture had improved her grandmother’s quality of life. Alison embarked on her acupuncture journey in 2002 at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin (Austin, Texas). At AOMA, she found that she had a special affinity with women’s health, and after graduating, she worked for a few years in the field of fertility, addressing both women’s and men’s issues.¬†

With acupuncture, she has helped men, women, and children with concerns as far-ranging as allergies and emotional disorders. Alison has seen this subtle Art significantly improve conditions such as digestive disturbance, menstrual disorders, sleep issues, psycho-emotional disorders and more, not to mention the inimitable pain-relieving effect acupuncture can have on bodily injury.

A tenet she espouses is the idea that often, if not always, the mind/spirit is implicated in physical illness. Many say the advanced TCM practitioner treats the spirit first and the physical body next. Alison is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the US (NCCAOM) and a registered acupuncturist in Canada (CTCMA).

Alison has completed training in Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture. She helps patients achieve natural ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Growing up and dedicating many years as a ballerina, Alison has learned a fierce dedication and discipline that has bled into all other areas of her life. She continues to dance today (in many styles) and is also a singer/songwriter who plays guitar, ukulele, and sometimes piano.

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