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Custom Orthotics

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custom orthotics

Custom orthotics can help your feet and body by providing extra support. Your feet play an important role in your overall health—they serve as a strong base to your body when you’re standing and walking. However, at times, your feet and body may benefit from extra support by wearing custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are offered at South Surrey Chiropractic and Wellness clinic by our team of experienced chiropractors as part of an overall treatment plan. 

Our method

Chiropractors are trained to assess if and when custom orthotics may benefit you. As part of the assessment, a chiropractor’s evaluation may include observation, gait analysis, functional analysis and neurological and orthopedic testing among others. This will help the chiropractor determine if custom orthotics are appropriate for you. 

Chiropractors consider the body as a whole. For example, when assessing knee pain they will also look at the function of the back, hip, ankle and foot. Interestingly, patients who benefit the most from orthotics may not present with only foot pain, but rather pain in the ankle, knee, hip or low back, and a comprehensive look at all these bio-mechanics are reflected through a custom orthotics appointment. 

Foot Levelers 3D Bodyview 

Based on cutting-edge technology, our highly precise and accurate 3D imaging unit is designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic—which in turn helps bring about peak performance and health. 

  • Identifies asymmetries in the feet with Arch Height Mapping

  • Illustrates how the feet impact the entire body or Kinetic Chain

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What our clients say

“I don’t write posts often, but I felt obligated to for South Surrey Chiropractic & Wellness. I have always had back issues due to being a taller guy, and Dr. Kam Mann has changed my life.

I think what sets Dr. Kam Mann apart from the rest is that he really enjoys what he does. His attention to detail and truly caring about his patients is something I have rarely seen with other professionals.

Other professionals are just clocking in hours, where as Dr. Kam Mann is working on building relationships and working on creating plans that will get me living back to normal! Highly recommend!!”


How Can custom Orthotics Help Me?

  • Control biomechanical alignment

  • Correct compensatory adaptations

  • Correct or accommodate deformity

  • Protect and support an injury

  • Assist in rehabilitation

  • Reduce pain

  • Increase mobility

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