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ICBC Claims


Have you been in a car accident? We can help!


South Surrey Chiropractic and Wellness supports ICBC claims and offers ICBC treatment plans and support to help you recover from a car accident. If you’ve been in a car accident, ICBC will cover care regardless of who was at fault.

Simply provide us your ICBC claim number and you will be covered for the first 12 weeks of treatment from the date of your accident as approved by your ICBC claims specialist. Our practitioners can also apply for extensions from ICBC for additional treatments and services.

Outside of the 12 week period? Not to worry. Please call us and we can contact your ICBC claims specialist to request for further care.

How to get coverage from ICBC

The first step after you’ve been involved in a car accident is to file a claim with ICBC.

You can call them directly at ‘Dial–A-Claim’ 604-520-8222 or complete their online claims process. When you receive a claim number, you will be eligible to begin treatments, such as chiropractic, massage therapy or acupuncture for your injuries.

These benefits are available to all residents of BC, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

Accessing treatment

For the first 12 weeks after your car accident, you can get treatment with the following health care practitioners:

Chiropractic: 25 Sessions

Registered Massage Therapy: 12 Sessions

Acupuncture: 12 Sessions

Our team of practitioners can also apply for additional treatment sessions from ICBC for the patient beyod the initial set of sessions. 


Your initial assessment will include a full medical history, full examination and a thorough treatment plan based on your injuries and other factors.

Your treatment will be an individualized plan unique to your injuries, symptoms and history.

We will initially focus on pain reduction, with the goal of helping you move towards strengthening and building the endurance you need to maintain asymptomatic status once treatment periods have ended.

What our clients say

I have been seeing Dr. Sohi since 2016 and the difference she has made in my health and life overal is next level. She has been able to assist me through my injuries, ailments, major and minor pains. If you need a Chiropractor or are thinking about going to see one, you need to book with Dr. Sohi. She is great at answering any questions and I just can’t say enough about how happy am with the treatment and care I receive.


“I was involved in a bad car accident over 5 years ago and have been to a few chiropractors and I have to say that Dr. Mann is one of the best. I appreciate how he listened to all my concerns and takes the time to explain why he chooses certain treatment methods to help me. Dr. Kam Mann is very approachable, kind mannered and takes the time to make sure all concerns are addressed. I would recommend Dr. Mann to anyone who is looking for a new chiropractor as he truly is one in a million!”


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